About me

    Tiffany Green

Instead of whiling away her teenage summers at the pool or the mall, Tiffany Green found the incredible world of romance novels. Then, ten years later, she got the greatest epiphany of her life: why not write her very own romance novel? And after reading a couple Judith McNaught’s Regency-set historicals, she found her favorite time and place. Although historical romances are her first love, she has recently delved into some fantasy, having grown to adore all the ladies of the Arthurian legend.

When Tiffany is not working on her books, she helps her husband of twenty years run an automotive paint and body business in central Texas. She considers herself living proof that opposites do attract, as she enjoys cruises and traveling across the pond, her husband would rather stay home and add to his growing hearse heard and other oddball collections. While having an MBA has certainly helped her grow the family business, she dreams of the day when she can set her full-time business life aside for getting in print all those demanding characters who will not leave her alone.