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He has vowed to never fall in love.  She is desperate to escape her horrifying past.  And a serial killer will see them both dead.

The killer has found her at last...

Silver MacLaren cannot escape her horrifying past.  And when her guardian betroths her to a man she detests, her future doesn't look any better.  As she travels to Scotland with her aunt to inform her half-brothers of her upcoming marriage, she meets Daniel Claiborne, the Duke of Huntington.  And everything changes.  For a short while, she forgets how her mother was killed, forgets the abuse suffered at the hands of her guardian, forgets she will soon be trapped in a hellish marriage.  And for a brief moment, she forgets she cannot possibly have a future with the duke.

The killer will not let her get away...

Hoping to put the humiliation of his broken engagement to Lady Megan behind him, Daniel leaves for Scotland to purchase a horse.  But his trip does not go as planned.  Along the way, he meets the most exasperating lady, and his blood boils.  In more ways than one.  Unfortunately, the tempting Miss MacLaren happens to own the very horse he wishes to purchase.  And soon, he can think of little else but having her in his bed.

The killer sets a deadly trap...

The hunter.  That is what he has become.  She must have the correct shade of red hair, her eyes must be a darker blue.  Finding the right lady can take months, even years.  So when he locates Silver, he will stop at nothing to capture her.  Although she tries to slip through his fingers, not all is lost.  The duke cannot protect her.  The hunter is desperate to feel her warm, sticky blood on his hands, to breathe in the sweet copper scent as he exacts his revenge.  The deadly blade he carries, his Vengeance, will not let him forget he has work to do.  He will not fail.  He never has.


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Duchess Beware is Book 2 of the Secrets & Scandals series.  Book 1, Innocence Lost, is currently available.  This series will continue with Book 3, Lord Black Heart, a future release.  If you would like to be informed about future releases and other exciting news, you are welcome to join Tiffany Green's mailing list at  Happy reading!